grooming services

bath and blow dry

  • Bath with organic vegan shampoo suitable for your dog’s coat/skin

  • Safely dried and full brush out

  • Styled to owner’s requirements or breed standard

  • Hygiene trim

  • Gentle ear cleaning

  • Nails clipped

  • Cologne spray if skin allows

bath, blow dry and tidy / de-shed 

  • All of above plus special organic de-shed shampoo

  • Full undercoat blast (with high velocity dryer) and de-shedding

full groom

  • Bath and blow dry as above

  • Styled to breed standard or owner's requirements

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express services

  • Nail clipping £5 (small/medium breeds) / £8 (large breeds)

  • Ear cleaning  £5 (all breeds)


4 step puppy package

step one

  • Introduction to grooming - getting puppy used to sights and sounds

  • Clipper vibrations

  • Scissors clipping

  • Hairdryer noise

  • Nails will be clipped

  • Hygiene area clipped

  • Corner of eyes trimmed (if possible)

step two & Step three

  • All of above with bath and blow dry

step Four

  • All of above with full groom to your preferred style

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hand stripping

Hand stripping is the process of manually pulling out the dead top coat by using specialised tools or fingers. 

This allows the fresh coat to grow in and help to maintain the colour and texture of the coat.

This method is common in terrier group (wire coat) and gun dogs/spaniels (silky coat).

Dogs must have a suitable coat, temperament, and condition for hand stripping. Commonly, neutered dogs may not be suited to hand stripping due to the changes in hormones which may affect the coat.


  • Full hand strip

  • Gentle ear clean

  • Shampoo with sensitive shampoo

  • Cool dry

  • Sanitary trim

  • Nail clipping


emmi-pet teeth cleaning

Emmi-pet teeth cleaning uses a silent and completely non-evasive toothbrush with a sterilising effect. 

High frequency waves go through every single bristle and the toothpaste, making millions of micro bubbles that break down and soften tartar. This kills the bacteria and impurities that cause peridontal disease cleaning gently and effectively. 

The toothbrush cleans up to 12mm deep, beyond where the eye can see.

payment options

Option 1 - Individual Sessions

£30 Initial consultation including brush head (approx. 30-40 mins)

£15 Subsequent sessions (approx. 20 mins)

Option 2 - Pre-Paid Package £135

Initial consultation including brush head plus 9 follow on visits (equals10 in total)

(+ extra £7 if new brush head required during treatment)

Please note that for both options, the brush head will need replacing after 20 visits or sooner if it has been damaged. A replacement brush head is £7.50. 





Spa treatments

Miracle Bright Coat Colour Enhancement 


Paw & Nose Butter


Miracle Deep Conditioner-Repair Masque

Blueberry Facial


Nagayu Oxidising Skin Care & Coat Treatment