Following the Animal Welfare Act, heavily matted dogs that cannot be brushed out will need to be clipped shorter than your usual preferred length and style. Please note this will incur an additional fee.


The reason for this is because we wish to prevent any pain or suffering to any animal which can happen whilst brushing out severe matting.


Where there is a small amount of localised matting and tangles, we will consider brush outs on a case-by-case basis.


We value you as a client and the treatment and welfare of your beloved pets are at the upmost importance and we will continue to make it our number one goal for them to enjoy their pampering session with us.

guide to brushing



As a small business, please understand I cannot financially afford for customers to miss appointments, therefore I will be taking a £20 deposit per dog for any booking from 1st of November 2021. There are two options available:


Option 1: Rolling deposit (preferred option)

Pay deposit of £20 just once and this deposit will be used for every groom that is booked. You then pay for each appointment visit in full. Your booking is automatically confirmed. If you decide to leave at any time the deposit will be returned in full or taken off the last groom.


Option 2: Confirm on Booking Deposit

Pay deposit of £20 each time you book, and this is taken off the appointment visit. Your booking will not be confirmed without a deposit and bookings cannot be held.


Note: deposits are non-refundable if cancellation or changes to scheduled appointment is less than 48 hours. For any missed appointments, the deposit will be kept as a charge.